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there are some older tracks on the audio page....

go check out Dave's new band.... dead social club... more updates on our new stuff to come soon.


slowline is a three piece unsigned band based in London... for specifics on who we are, read about us here

Recent news - thanks to those we met while wandering across streets, cities and countries, and thanks even more to those that came to see us over the past couple of years, it was a fun and interesting ride.



1 - switch on/switch off
(full song in mp3 format)
2 - the dialogue (the spotlight)
(full song in mp3 format )
3 - afterglow
(full song in mp3 format)

tracks from the 2006 EP, more songs and clips are available on our audio page and we've even caved in and put up a myspace page, with streaming tracks available. theres some new stuff for 2007 as well, but it hasnt been mixed down yet.



next show is ... with another band

go here for details and recollections of slowline gigs past/present/future

Have a look on the reviews page for cd and gig reviews, that we had over the past couple years, or at least ones i managed to hear about. let us know if you see anything we didnt.

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