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December 2007 - took a while to write anything on this, guess that was a sign. late 2006 / early 2007 was a hectic time, we got more confident, played bigger venues and all that, yet couldnt shake off the other factors in our life. work, people in your life, locations, and all that other stuff took over.

may 7th 2006 - more new stuff hopefully on wednesday, as we are headlining the hope and anchor. should be a calmer one as the 1st 2 acts that night are actually acoustic bands. we'll play a 12 minute version of afterglow and the 9 minute extended remix of blindshots with various MC's on the mic, just kidding.... i think.

april 15th 2006 - so we're trying out a few variations in our website, got a bit tired of the old one. Might still leave the old one up somewhere on this domain, depends how much work it takes and if it is of any use. Such is the way I spend my easter weekend. Point of the message is, this is where you will see the stories.

so its all about spring cleaning i guess, or spring deleting.
Got some new songs we've been working on the past month, looking forward to playing them at the next few gigs. Not sure what they're about yet, and perhaps I need a few more
nights out/nights in - so i can provide a narrative to accompany the soundtrack.

So yes, the site looks a bit different today. And changes these days are a plenty. After a month or so away from the stage, we've managed to get some time to record some new and old tracks for you to hear, and have put some new songs that we have yet to play on stage. Looking forward to the next show thats for sure.

well write more eventually.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

thank you - - - ©2006