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slowline - upcoming gigs

we managed to get some new tunes together mid-late 2007, but time became a hot commodity. and so what was "no gigs for the timebeing" - became more long term.

still, it was fun while it lasted....


most recent gigs and random comments about some of them:

friday, july 27th @ brixton mass / st matthews church - nice venue. totally different that i remember it being. but perhaps my memory does that to me sometimes. we rocked, equipment fell apart, we shouted more than usual, we played that "last song" that was really more than one song merged and mushed together.

thursday, May 10th 2007 @ Clapham Grand - very large venue. we even had our own dressing room. we thought, "hey we can destroy it like rockstars allegedly do". but then we saw it was already "pre-destroyed"....stage was very nice though. we chatted about some show done in norway.

Friday, January the 19th 2007 - Metro - Was a good start to the weekend. Sound setup was great too. Maybe next time we'll get aliases and play 4 different sets.

December the 2nd (Saturday) - Notting Hill Arts Club (rough trade rota) - It was a freebie afternoon matinee, which was good. As a fan of Rough Trade Records, it was pretty cool to play this one. Plus we had a 45 minute set.

Wednesday, November 8th 2006 - Dublin Castle - always good fun at the DC, seems to be open even later than before for post gig drinks too.

Friday, June 30th 2006 - Leonards EC1

Thursday, June 8th 2006 - Archway

Friday, May 26th 2006 - Bull and Gate
Back in the good old Bull and Gate. It always sounds great there.

Wednesday, May 10th 2006 - Hope & Anchor / Islington
The downstairs bit has been renovated. Sort of liked how it was before to be honest. The monitor blew out by the second song, though that didnt stop us from playing our set and even an encore.

Friday, April 28th 2006 - Caernavon Castle / Camden
Last minute changes and faulty equipment had us going on quite late - so we played different songs than when we got there earlier for soundcheck, think we wrote a new one exclusively for the set itself.

Thursday, February 23rd 2006@ Hope and Anchor / Islington
They had the sound turned up loud, yet clear - thus we made lots of good noise. The equation works well.

Wednesday, January 18th 2006 @ the Comedy
We refrained from telling jokes, they would all be bad ones anyway. The tunes were good at least.

Wednesday, December 14th 2005 - Dublin Castle / Camden
I think we got there at about 6pm to setup, that took about 2 minutes, then we had some pints.. for some reason we didn't get on the stage till past midnight. Allegedly it went down very well. In the Christmas spirit, we gave out copies of our new CD, and had lots to drink.

Sunday, November 6th 2005 - Brixton Telegraph
Was an afternoon set. I dont remember much about this one, other than the weather was horrible that day.

Monday, October 10th 2005 - Dublin Castle / Camden
Suggs from Madness was there, and so were we.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - Pleasure Unit / Bethnal Green

Wednesday, September 14th 2005 - Bull and Gate / Kentish Town
First show with the current lineup. Went down quite well.

Sunday, August 14th 2005 - Brixton Telegraph
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005- Hoxton Square
Thursday, July 14th 2005 - Bull and Gate / Kentish Town
Friday May 6th - Sound / leicester sq

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